MRF share price in 1990 To 2023: A Look Back at Historical Performance

In this article, we will delve into the share price performance of MRF Limited, a prominent Indian tire manufacturing company, specifically focusing on the year 1990. By examining the historical context, economic factors, and market conditions of that period, we aim to gain insights into MRF’s stock performance and understand its significance for investors.

MRF share price in 1990 To 2023: A Look Back at Historical Performance

Let’s embark on this journey through time and explore the MRF share price in 1990 to 2023.

Year Share Price Change %
1990 ₹ 350.00
1991 ₹ 630.00 80.00%
1992 ₹ 925.00 46.83%
1993 ₹ 1,250.00 35.14%
1994 ₹ 2,350.00 88.00%
1995 ₹ 1,750.00 -25.53%
1996 ₹ 2,850.00 62.86%
1997 ₹ 1,933.25 -32.17%
1998 ₹ 1,430.00 -26.03%
1999 ₹ 2,187.70 52.99%
2000 ₹ 1,217.10 -44.37%
2001 ₹ 710.35 -41.64%
2002 ₹ 900.00 26.70%
2003 ₹ 2,301.15 155.68%
2004 ₹ 2,420.15 5.17%
2005 ₹ 2,750.95 13.67%
2006 ₹ 4,303.50 56.44%
2007 ₹ 7,220.65 67.79%
2008 ₹ 2,002.45 -72.27%
2009 ₹ 6,034.00 201.33%
2010 ₹ 7,207.60 19.45%
2011 ₹ 6,991.35 -3.00%
2012 ₹ 12,806.85 83.18%
2013 ₹ 19,372.15 51.26%
2014 ₹ 37,882.90 95.55%
2015 ₹ 39,847.60 5.19%
2016 ₹ 48,781.15 22.42%
2017 ₹ 72,348.15 48.31%
2018 ₹ 67,088.25 -7.27%
2019 ₹ 66,327.75 -1.13%
2020 ₹ 75,712.40 14.15%
2021 ₹ 73,293.55 -3.19%
2022 ₹ 88,531.10 20.79%
2023 ₹ 100,000.00 12.95%

Overview of MRF Limited

MRF Limited is a well known tire manufacturing company based in India, which has gained a prominent position as a leader in the industry. Over the course of several decades, MRF has built a strong reputation for its commitment to producing high quality and dependable tires. Their product range caters to diverse needs across automotive, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Market Conditions and Competition

The tire manufacturing industry in 1990 was characterized by high levels of competition. MRF encountered competition from both local and global competitors. Elements such as market demand, production capacity, product quality, and pricing strategies played a significant role in determining MRF’s market position and, subsequently, its share price.

MRF’s Performance in 1990

In 1990, MRF showcased a commendable performance in terms of both financials and market presence. The company’s focus on innovation, product diversification, and superior quality helped it gain a competitive edge. MRF’s financial statements and market reputation played a pivotal role in shaping investors’ perceptions and, consequently, the share price.

Impact of Key Events on MRF’s Share Price

Several key events can impact a company’s share price. In 1990, factors such as changes in government policies, technological advancements, and fluctuations in raw material prices could have influenced MRF’s share price. Understanding these events and their implications can provide valuable insights for investors analyzing historical stock performance.

Investor Sentiment and Market Reactions

Investor sentiment and market reactions play a crucial role in determining stock prices. In 1990, the overall sentiment towards the Indian stock market was optimistic, driven by economic reforms and increasing foreign investment. Positive market sentiment can lead to higher demand for a company’s shares, potentially driving up the share price.

Michelin vs MRF

Michelin and MRF are two prominent players in the tire manufacturing industry. Here are some key points of comparison between the two companies

Global Presence

Michelin is a French multinational tire manufacturer with a global presence. It has operations in various countries and is recognized as one of the largest tire manufacturers worldwide. MRF, on the other hand, is an Indian tire manufacturing company primarily focused on the domestic market. While MRF has expanded its reach to certain international markets, it is predominantly known for its presence in India.

Brand Reputation

Both Michelin and MRF have established strong brand reputations in their respective markets. Michelin is renowned for its high-quality tires, technological innovations, and emphasis on safety and performance. MRF, as a leading tire brand in India, is known for its durability, reliability, and extensive product range catering to different vehicle types and applications.

Product Range and Market Segments

Both companies offer a wide range of tires for various vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. Michelin has a diverse product portfolio, including premium and high-performance tires, along with specialty tires for specific industries such as aviation and motorsports. MRF, while primarily focused on the domestic market, also provides a comprehensive range of tires to cater to different customer needs.

Technological Advancements

Michelin has a reputation for investing heavily in research and development, leading to technological advancements in tire manufacturing. The company has introduced innovations like run-flat tires, low rolling resistance tires, and environmentally friendly tire technologies. MRF has also made advancements in tire technology and has been actively involved in motorsports, gaining expertise in high-performance tires.

Market Presence and Global Recognition

Michelin has a strong global presence and is widely recognized as a premium tire brand. It has established partnerships with various automobile manufacturers and is often associated with high-end vehicles and motorsports events. MRF, while primarily focused on the Indian market, has gained recognition and respect in the domestic industry, and its tires are commonly used in different vehicle segments.


Q1. How can I find the historical share price of MRF in 1990?

To find historical share price data for MRF in 1990, you can refer to financial databases, stock market archives, or consult reputable financial websites that provide historical stock price information.

Q2. Did MRF face any major challenges in 1990?

While MRF showcased a commendable performance in 1990, it faced challenges related to competition, market dynamics, and fluctuations in raw material prices. However, the company’s strategic approach and strong market presence helped it overcome these challenges effectively.

Q3. Was MRF’s share price affected by global events in 1990?

Global events can have an impact on stock prices, including those of MRF. In 1990, factors such as geopolitical tensions, oil price fluctuations, and global economic conditions could have influenced MRF’s share price.

Q4. Did MRF pay dividends to shareholders in 1990?

Dividend payments are subject to various factors, including a company’s financial performance and board decisions. To determine if MRF paid dividends to shareholders in 1990, one would need to refer to the company’s financial reports or historical dividend records.

Q5. How has MRF’s share price evolved since 1990?

To analyze MRF’s share price evolution since 1990, you can refer to historical stock price charts, financial reports, and stock market analyses. These sources will provide insights into the long-term performance of MRF’s shares.

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